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Open Call for Screenwriter Jobs!

 Connect and Network for Screenwriting Jobs!

FilmLab Nigeria launches Storytelling /Screenwriting Incubation Hub; to drive and generate content for regular productions.

FilmLab Nigeria, first of its kind innovative support facility in Nigeria for filmmakers offers a refreshing approach to film and television content development. 

We simplify present-day social, individual group and institutional conflicts and use fitting story development elements and strategies across genres. 

Filmlab Nigeria Trainee-Trainer online and physical workshop sessions groom storytellers and screenwriters’:

  1. FILM CULTURE - Real potential, quality and drive to match trending story directions; 

  2. CRAFTSMANSHIP - Vital skills for story origination and development;

  3. SKILLS MARKETING- Screenwriter-producer supportive relationship.

  4. AUDIENCE TARGETING - analytical research of themes and story objectives to attract the right genre audiences. 

  5. INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCE TARGETING-recognition of high concept vis-à-vis low concept storytelling. 

  6. SOCIAL DUTIES & OBLIGATIONS- essential and valuable advocacy statements through pertinent themes for individual, group and communal benefits and development. 

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