Write with Logic to Hook Your Audience!

Logic is strong ingredient added to premise, plot, characters and dialogue among others. It is the mode of reasoning that connects screenplays or move stories. Indeed screenplays are built on logic, which gives up a believable narrative.

Every screenplay story happens in a certain defined world, with its environment, social structure, norms and customs. That’s how facts or events connect in a reasonable way in screenplays. Logic added to premise, plot, characters and dialogue presents social, cultural, economic and political outlook of the story. This also includes its technology and laws of nature and physics; if we imagined a science fiction story for instance.

However if the audience is confused by screenwriters’ inability to define and substantiate that world, they might ask, ‘Over what were the protagonist and antagonist really defending or fighting?’ Thus your screenplay could be about our real earthly Nigeria, where we, your Nigerian audience live.

In that case you wouldn’t need to kill yourself to drive a logical explanation of your Nigerian movie story. Because we, Nigerians are familiar with Lagos traffic, politics in Abuja, Niger Delta crisis. We can readily identify a Warri Boy or Girl by mere sound of ‘Warri no dey carry last!’ That world of ‘Warri,’ readily makes its impression and key in our expectations.

Nollywood movies over time presented that familiar world to its Nigerian, African and Diaspora audiences. The African Diaspora, who miss or have never experienced basic African traditions, tales, native lifestyles and general nuances of daily lives may still be drawn to such presentations in Nollywood movies.

However Africans may be unfamiliar with heightened reality of many Western or Chinese movies; even when they follow the narratives. Some have enjoyed The Matrix (1999), mostly computer-generated reality. Its actions scenes, great fighting scenes, gang versus established system fights, an attractive lead character attracts its audience anyhow.

Overtime characters’ jump from incredible heights in Chinese movies added to unthinkable fight routines kept Nigerians glued to Chinese films; compared to the romantically familiar Indian musicals that drove our yearnings and still do so in melodramatic Bollywood films.

It is always possible for the screenwriter to reflect or create a believable screenplay world of his or her story. However logic must be carefully used in constructing the story from Act I through Acts II and III. Screenwriters who make efforts to reflect the real world do so with the goal of leaving an open or hidden message for their audiences to digest.

Create a believable world for your hero or heroines’ conflict laid journey!

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