Some tips and advice from Filmmaking Blogs

Filmmaking blogs are arguably the best way to learn the craft of filmmaking and to be inspired creatively.

1- NoFilmSchool

Nofilmschool is one of the best news-oriented filmmaking site out there. With multiple articles added every day, this site provides readers with an exceptionally wide-spectrum of filmmaking material every day. Updates on camera tech, business advice, visual inspiration, reviews, and much more. Nofilmschool curates content from across the web so they are able to deliver to you some of the best material found online on any given day.


2- Filmmaker IQ

Filmmaker IQ is another great filmmaking site that covers a very wide range of topics. While many blogs focus primarily on camera tech, post-techniques, or industry news, this website covers it all. Recent topics have covered: camera movement, lighting setups, writing advice, and other fun facts (such as the history of popcorn at the movies) – all of which are written by filmmakers. It’s refreshing that Filmmaker IQ covers not only the most current industry related topics, but also historical filmmaking info, allowing for readers to dig deeper into the history of filmmaking as a craft.


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