John Boyega’s Privacy is Not Public Gossip!

John Gboyega

Surprising that though a single movie star, Boyega would rather shield off his private life from public gossip? Anyhow his fans also note his very professional relationship with co-stars. His friendship with co-star in Star Wars: The Force Awakens notwithstanding, Boyega has been that pussy-cat that hates publicity.

Born John Adedayo Bamidele Adegboyega, his boyhood was dramatic. His immigrant Pentecostal pastor and care-giver father and mother had him in Camberwell, South London. It is surprising that with two elder sisters, Grace and Blessing, Boyega is too shy to be seen around women. This is where Jim Iyke outdoes Boyega!

May be age makes the difference? While Jim Iyke was born on September 25, 1976, Boyega got delivered 16years later. Born in Gabon’s capital Libreville, Jim who hails from Enugu Agidi in Nigeria’s Anambra State is an only boy among siblings. Who would bet that an only boy like Boyega wouldn’t be used to women enough like Jim to enjoy the ‘dangers’ of softer flesh. Perhaps Jim’s earliest education in Gabon did the trick. More so Jim’s enrolment in somewhat elitist, Federal Government College, Kwali, Abuja, Nigeria.

Jim Iyke

The difference could also be that Boyega grew up in a public housing project, which compared to FESTAC Town or 1004 Housing in Lagos may not mean middle class. Boyega attended Oliver Goldsmith Primary School and quickly knew he was for showiness in showbiz. Aged 5years he applied his natural feistiness to nurture his intrinsic acting talent.

At 9 a woman spotted Boyega and I still wonder why he is not openly cozy with women as an actor. But from school stage play Teresa Early, Theatre Peckham took Boyega on a hardship fund and got him after-school hours acting lessons.

Jim enrolled in the University of Jos for a Psychology degree and made a diploma in in Banking and Finance. You might imagine again that since Jim had all mix of beautiful middle class girls added to his life in Jos, Boyega struggled with the limitations of born-black-discriminated in the United Kingdom. And that may explain his inability to be feisty with sexy women, compared to Jim.

Boyega got Westminster City School admission in, 2003 and never stopped acting stage plays. He also studied at Wandsworth Campus, South Thames College for National Diploma in Performing Arts. Therefore, he showed-off in Shakespeare’s ‘Othelo! Othelo!’ He moved to Greenwich University for a Bachelor of Artsn in Film Studies & Media Writing. He couldn’t finish before getting off the academic train to start his acting career.

Or isn’t true that Boyega has a rumbling war in his inner person; therefore, the outlook of a Samson that can never be betrayed by a Delilah? Otherwise he is just as manly as described. Thickly built and always deliberate; which should attract a non-feminist. Loud like his father on a Pentecostal Sunday pulpit; indeed, with enough energy to melt a weak-kneed woman. Because he has a way staring through the eyes into a mind. Enough; that’s manly enough, y’know?

As we say in Nigeria, ‘The guy no dey waste time!’ Yes, Jim no dey waste time, so he has a son Harvis Harvis Chidubem Iyke with Dana Kinduryte. I shouldn’t bother to see her picture, because he had a son with, but not married to her.

Boyega’s father rescued a woman from a snatcher, who knocked her down. The dad walked up like a mountain, believing the Lord! And all the son thought of was, he could befriend the grateful woman, if not for the fact that they were just leaving restaurant alongside the mum. There you go; asking me. Is he a voyeur?

I am not too sure but John Gboyega had surpassed his net 2017 net worth of $2million in 2020. Again, you need to confirm whether it is $10miilion, because exchange rate will make him an instant billionaire in Nigeria.

Jim Iyke, I hear is worth $30million! Wow! You cannot beat him at beating Boyega. Indeed so; because he has various investments in media arts and entertainment, while engaging in philanthropy. But if Boyega never thought of it, Jim has multiple sources of income from acting to movie production, to singing, real estate, oil and gas transportation, and event management. However, both believe a man must work hard! Indeed, a man must work to find ‘wack,’ plus a mushy fireside luxury.

Did I call out Jim Iyke?

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