Jim Iyke versus John Gboyega Part 1

Feisty looking Jim Iyke and John Gboyega cut the real Nigerian image of, ‘Here I am, a Nigerian!’ Both have earned respective places in the movie industry. Popular, as Boyega and Jim Iyke with their Nigerian-blood both are respectively known as English and Nigerian. They are also natured with their peculiarly personal Nigerianness of Yoruba and Igbo ancestry.

Perhaps Jim has earned his actor’s bests: Afro-North American, Teenage Choice and Youth Role Model Awards; Sexiest Man in Nigeria among other colorful titles. But Boyega best known for playing ‘Finn’ character in seventh of the series: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) and Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017), did not have to be ‘Sexiest.’ in the 2011 sci-fi. Matched in dates 2011 to 2015, Boyega may never need the toga of sexy to stand up to Jim’s feistiness. Exactly! Because I saw Jim literary tearing off a female act’s dress in a Nigerian movie just to have sex!

My thing is do we need sex to tell a Nigeria story? To that extent does it mean that all Jim ever did to earn his right of place. I mean that capacity for vulgar sex! May be reasons for his Mode Men Magazine’s Best Actor Award (2011), Best Actor at the Anambra State Awards and Pan African Actor Nominee, Cameroon Entertainment and Screen Nation’s Best Actor of the Decade all in (2012) acting credence to his laurels.

Really meaning not to be ignorant of Jim’s Kampala-Nile Entertainment Entrepreneur Award (2012); not so sure of what Best Actor at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awardss (GIAMA) – 2015 means, I admire Boyega’s rise to stardom in his so called United Kingdom origin. As if his star role in 2011 sci-fi comedy Attack the Block, a sheer British reflection of teen habits in British families makes sense for his original Nigerianness.

Howbeit in Nigerian terms Boyega is not Jim’s mate! Born on March 17, 1992 he acted in period drama Detroit (2017), though. He can also beat his chest with four episodes of television series 24, Live Another Day and Imperial Dreams (2014). In global terms, should I then agree Jim cannot talk where Boyega talks. Look at Boyega’s appearance on the Screen International Magazine as UK Actor of Tomorrow (2011). Picture him receiving the BAFTA Award’s Rising Star in 2016.

This would complement Black Reel’s Best Actor in Attack the Block plus Empire Award’s Best New Comer for performance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Don’t forget Jim’s Festival Prize, The People’s Film Festival, New York, 2017; 2019-Most Popular Actor by NET Honors.

I hear Boyega showed up at Britain’s Black Lives Matter rallies , seeking racial justice. Jim could only need to do so, if he believed various mischiefs around ethnic justice in Nigeria. Indeed Black Briton should be grateful from interview experiences with many Nigerians, who recount their racial challenges in the world over. Thanks to John Boyega!

But would Jim Iyke ever declare, “What I say to Disney is do not market a black character as important and then push them aside. “? Boyega added, “I need you guys to understand how painful this shit is… to be reminded every day that your race means nothing!’

Boyega’s challenge is obvious challenge, but I leant he was once marooned at sea, when homecoming to star in Half of a Yellow Moon, a love-tangoed Biafran movie account. He experienced council estate racist, perhaps that provoked his Black Lives Matter protest. Something Jim Iyke may never encounter you think? He could do that, if starred in Half of a Yellow, meaning half-dreams of a proper Igbo (Biafran) existential validation.

To be Contd.

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