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Jim Iyke is a Lover not a Soldier like John Boyega!

Jim Iyke

Who works hard like Jim Iyke?

He is either on a movie set

John Boyega

radiating his sex symbolism or making money from endorsements and his businesses. But his alter-ego (just an opinion), John Boyega calls himself a soldier! May be after starring in Oscar winning Hollywood director, Steve McQueen's Small Axe. Hear him: “I think of myself as a warrior, because I’m all about battles….” It is character act for both anyhow!

John has been bottling up all the nuances of his identity and dignity fights in climes outside his African roots. On the other hand, Jim could care less and approach peculiar fights from the get-go. Perhaps he does keep his feelings for the right moments. And those are the moments we all know him for. John surmises it for any celebrity, “…you just need to be mad…lay down what(s) …on your mind.”

A close encounter with John might well impress his flair at enacting drama thrills. Picture him again on his Nigerian trip for the movie, Half of a Yellow Sun. Tossed up and down at sea and staring in the faces of other passengers, John put on usual onset reaction, “I felt very fearful….”

He relates frequently in real life evaluation of his acting career, which he says is not always so smooth; because studios neglect black actors. Really, perturbed about Finn, the Stormtrooper character, made insignificant after his first outing by Disney Studios. There is no missing the fact that this also reflects the plight of many black people in and out of Anglo-American entertainment industry; if not globally. These are discernible meanings in Boyega’s expressions and Iyke’s respectively. How both manage their individual political economy should motivate a review of real motives in movies.

To recognize that Nollywood makes films that overlook John's grievances as expressed in foreign productions, while Jim exudes the undercurrents of that negligence can be very helpful. It is very clear that Hollywood is responsible for Boyega’s frequent outbursts about the mistreatment of the black actor. But they always say in Nollywood, “We reflect what is happening in society.” Hollywood does not only reflect; in fact, it instills subterranean(subtexts) influences in movie images and dialogue to perpetuate Johns grievances.

Perhaps John’s grievances were cultivated in his roles as Moses in Attack the Block and Jamal in Junkhearts all in 2011. Would it not also enable Jim’s, if he appeared as Ugwu (John's role) in Half of a Yellow Sun, 2013? Did John’s inner voice rise in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) character Finn and (Jake Pentecost in Pacific Rim: Uprising, 2017?

Then he is just human in TV shows, Becoming Human, swallowed by The Whale, and protesting Law & Order: UK. He voiced for Major Lazer, Watership Down and the Tinkershrimp & Dutch. He also lends his voice-feelings in video games, Disney Infinity 3.0 and Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He is also in Disneyland Theme Park, Star Tours – The Adventure Continues, 2015.

Here comes Jim Iyke, 12012 – 2019: Pink Poison, My First Wife, Romantic Agony, The Mistress, One Night Stand, When Love Comes Around, Love Birds and Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons. Do not think he is not close to Johns outer space odysseys with Kings Battle, Last Flight to Abuja, Runaway Prince 1 and 2, Cultural Clash, Palace War, Saint Among Thieves, A Star in Heaven or American Driver. To be contd.

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