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Bring On Your Stories And Join Us!

Nollywood, Nigerian filmmakers are very dependable with contributions to national development! Our
movies reflect shared Nigerian and African experiences. Personal stories reflected in movies strengthen
our diversity as a nation and continent. Even now the world beyond Africa and the African Diaspora
desire more of Nollywood stories. This means after Black Panther and lately Captain America’s showing
in Captain America: Civil War Nollywood must think New Story Directions.

FilmLab Storytelling and Screenwriting Masterclass envisions New Story Directions in Nigerian and
African movies. The location of this master plan to consciously collaborate Nollywood Cinema Culture
happens at the FilmLab Filmmaking Hub Lekki facilities.

First of its kind in Nigeria, the FilmLab facility supports filmmakers from storytelling to screening. This is
first emphatically offered to writers, who desire to create best stories to inform, while entertaining
audiences. FilmLab New Directions Storytelling and Screenwriting Masterclass starting December 1
through December 21, 2019 will serve innovative knowledge sharing and gaining.

Producer or Director-led teams of Producers and Directors on submission of synopsis and treatment or
synopsis and full screenplays get their jobs analyze to meet certain STORY THEMES. They are required
to register on the site page with no more than 1paged-Synopsis of 3 – 5 paragraphs SYNOPSIS and
TREATMENT or same size of their story synopsis and Completed scripts.

Writers will get invitation to the New Directions Storytelling and Screenwriting Masterclass and share
experiences in writing standard screenplays to tell new stories to the Nigerian and global audiences.
FilmLab Storytelling and Screenwriting Masterclass offers realistic orientation for storytellers,
screenwriters, journalists, creative writers among other keen professionals in interactive sessions.

Profound Nigerian stories will get funding and production equipping to produce the new Nigerian Story.
Taiwo Ajai-Lycett, Doyen of Nigerian TV and Movies, confirms “It’s now the responsibility of Nollywood
itself to raise its game in terms of knowledge, substance and quality of what we produce. We owe it to
our audience.”

Get ready Nollywood! Bring on your stories and join us for interesting heroes and heroines’ journeys!

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