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Grants for filmmakers

Looking for funding for your movies is often harder than the actual making of the movie.

 Waiting on anyone to show up and give you the funds you need is a fairy tale.

Film grants are usually unrestricted funds, services,

or equipment that can be used for the 3 main stages

of filmmaking (development, production, distribution)

of a project. They do not have to be repaid .

Finding film grants for your short film, documentary, or feature film can be

an effective way of getting additional film funding. 

Grants come in slightly different forms, Differences may impact

how or when you can use the grant! and on what!.

               Residencies / Fellowships              

Whether you’re an experienced creator or just getting started,

the right fellowship or residency can take you to the next level through access resources

like workspace, mentorship, connection to other inspiring filmmakers,

and cash. 

              Film Labs              

Links for Grants

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