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Temple Chima Adighije

Art Director

Special Skills



Chima Temple Adighije is an award winning Film production Designer and Art Director. The set Designer was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He started his career as a trainee special effect Editor with HOUSE OF MACRO STUDIO in Surulere, Lagos before he relocated to the Federal Capital City (Abuja) where he joined the BBC World Service Trust London Crew in Nigeria as a set dresser and trainee art director in 2006. In 2008 he started freelancing on the heels of a successful 48 episodic TV drama series titled “Wetin Dey” and was called upon to be part of a feature film titled “Sarah’s Choice” in 2009 as an Art Director. Till date, he has been freelancing for BBC MEDIA ACTION. He has worked on both small and big budget projects in and out of Nigeria and has participated in several production design and film workshops including THE NATIONAL FILM INSTITUTE JOS. He is an alumnus of ONE FINE DAY FILMS WORKSHOP (A TOM TYKWER INITIATIVE). He was selected on merit (after he built a brilliant scaled miniature film set as part of his master class final project) to be part of the crew for a Kenyan production under the mentorship of Oscar Academy Delegates “Something Necessary” an offshoot project of the workshop, shot on location in Nairobi, Kenya 2011.